Start Your Own Online Store

In this course you’ll learn how to set up and use the Engaging Networks e-commerce store. The e-commerce page type allows you to create pages to sell virtual gifts to supporters. It will send e-cards to the recipients of the gift, or allow you to fulfil orders yourself. Symbolic gifts might be concepts such as “build a well for a village”, or “buy a goat for a farmer”.

Course curriculum

Here's what you'll learn in this course.

  • 1

    Introduction To The Ecommerce Module

    • Ecommerce Introduction & Demonstration

    • Ecommerce Basic Page Settings

  • 2

    Setting Up Your Ecommerce Store Assets

    • Creating Your Products

    • Creating Product E-Cards

    • Setting Up The E-commerce Page Template

  • 3

    Building & Launching Your Ecommerce Store

    • Building & Launching Your Ecommerce Store

  • 4

    Ecommerce User Quiz

    • Ecommerce User Quiz

    • Training Feedback