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Led by Christy Watkins, Senior Product Manager of Merchant Fraud at Worldpay, this exclusive webinar is tailored to non-profit organizations seeking to safeguard their payments and financial integrity. Uncover the Dark Web's Impact on Fraud Trends Explore the hidden dangers of the dark web and its influence on fraud activities. Gain essential knowledge about emerging threats like bot and card testing attacks, account takeover, and first-party fraud that directly affect non-profit organizations.

Mastering Fraud Prevention with Advanced Techniques Learn how to defend against fraudsters with the power of AI and machine learning. Discover the importance of leveraging device and behavioral data to proactively detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. Explore the benefits of intelligent MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and pre-network fraud prevention methods.

Card Testing: A Key Concern for Non-Profits Understand why non-profit organizations are most vulnerable to card testing attacks. Gain valuable insights into identifying and combating this pervasive threat effectively.

Empower Your Non-Profit with Resilient Fraud Prevention Arm your organization with the knowledge and tools needed to stay ahead of fraudsters. Join us and discover actionable strategies to protect your payments, safeguard your donors, and secure your financial future.

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    Protecting Nonprofit Payments

    • Webinar Replay: Protecting Nonprofit Payments