If you have a question about the academy check through some of the common answers below.

  • Are my academy login details the same as my Engaging Networks platform login?

    No. The login details you use to access the academy are not the same as the login details you use to access the Engaging Networks platform. They are totally separate details.

    If you need assistance with your academy account please reach out to [email protected]

  • I've forgotten my password

    Please head on over to our password reset page where you'll be able to regain access.

  • I have not received my password reset email

    If you have not received your password reset email after 5 minutes its likely you do not have an account registered in the academy.

    Please visit the home page and enroll in any of the courses and your account will created during the sign up process.

  • I used to be able to log in to the academy previously but my email does not seem to be recognised any longer

    There could be a couple of reasons for this.

    1) You may have had an account in our old academy platform but you had not taken any courses yet.

    If that is the case you will need to simply enroll in the Get Started With Engaging Networks bundle from the home page and your new account will be created here in the new academy.

    2) If you have not logged in within the last 12 months we may remove academy accounts as part of our data cleansing policy and to comply with GDPR regulations.

    We do contact academy users by email before we remove their account and give 7 days notice before an account is deleted.

    Some users may have missed this email and since we never heard back the account was deleted.

    If this is the case you will need to re-register.

    Please reach out to [email protected] if you'd like us to look into this further.

  • I seem to have less courses on my dashboard than I did in the previous academy

    Our previous academy placed all available courses on your dashboard. We thought that might be distracting for you so now we only show you the courses you've chosen to enroll in.

    If you would like to add more courses to dashboard you can quickly and easily do that from the Home Page by enrolling in any of the courses listed there.

  • I'm having problems watching videos on the lastest Mac M1 (ARM)

    This appears to be a known issue with Apple M1 processor based Macs, though there are currently no articles available on the Apple support page. The workaround here is as follows:

    - In Chrome, click the ellipses (three dots) button in the top right-hand corner of the window

    - Click Settings

    - Open the Advanced settings menu below the standard settings

    - Locate the System settings

    - Click to toggle off Use hardware acceleration when available

    - Click 'Relaunch' (it relaunches Chrome with all the same tabs you have open)

  • I am an agency - where are my accreditation courses?

    We've restructured our Academy. Agencies now have their very own learning centre at agency.engagingnetworks.academy so head on over to that link for everything related to our agency accreditation program.

  • I would like to get in touch with a member of the Engaging Networks support team

    No problem! Head on over to the contact page of our support site and you can reach one of our team by phone or email.

  • I am a team leader at my organisation and would like access to my team's progress in the academy

    We are able to offer team leaders at a client organisation access to Group Analyst reports which offers reporting on your team's training progress in the Academy. Please request access to this functionality here