Take Your Donation Pages To The Next Level

In this course you'll learn how to implement the advanced features of the Engaging Networks fundraising tools. We'll cover integrating digital wallets and one click donations so you can speed up the time between supporters landing on your page and checking out their donation, through to intelligent tools that will help automate and grow your supporter journeys.

Course Time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction To Power Up Your Fundraising

  • 2

    Digital Wallets

    • Adding Apple Pay, Google Pay & Paypal One Touch To Your Fundraising Pages

    • Case Study: The Childrens Society - Implementing Mobile Wallets

  • 3

    One Click Donations

    • Creating A One Click Donation Page For Existing Donors

  • 4

    Upsell Lightboxes

    • Creating & Using Upsell Lightboxes To Increase Donation Amounts

  • 5

    Highest Previous Contribution & Next Suggested Gift

    • Increasing Your Donations Using Highest Previous Contribution & Next Suggested Gift

    • Highest Previous Contribution Deep Dive: Setting Up HPC In Engaging Networks

    • Next Suggested Gift Deep Dive: Implementing NSG gift blocks on your fundraising pages

    • Next Suggested Gift Deep Dive: Integrating NSG with your fundraising email campaigns

    • Using Most Recent Contribution Data imports as an alternative to an HPC import

  • 6

    Split Testing Pages

    • Split Testing Your Fundraising Pages To Maximise Your Wins

  • 7

    Campaign Linking

    • How To Link Fundraising Asks To Your Advocacy Campaigns

  • 8

    Fundraising Via Marketing Automation

    • How To Use The Power Of Marketing Automation To Move Your 'Super Supporters' From Action Takers To Donors

  • 9

    Fee Cover

    • How To Keep More Of Your Supporter's Donation With Fee Cover

  • 10

    Power Up Your Fundraising Quiz

    • Power Up Your Fundraising Quiz