Support Your Supporters

In this course you’ll learn how to set up your own Supporter Hub from within your Engaging Networks account. The Hub allows your supporters to stay informed and have complete control over their interactions with you.

Course curriculum

Here's what you'll learn in this course.

  • 1

    Introduction To The Hub

    • What Is The Hub

    • A Tour Of The Hub's Features

    • Creating A New Hub

  • 2

    Adding Supporter Hub Gadgets

    • Hub Page Layout & Editing

    • The Personal Details Gadget

    • Manage Subscriptions Gadget

    • Supporter Record Data

    • Managing Opt-In Questions

    • Previewing The Supporter Hub

  • 3

    The My Impact Gadget

    • Configuring The My Impact Gadget

  • 4

    The Donation Gadget

    • Donation Gadget Overview

    • Adding The Donation Gadget

    • Gadget State - No Donation

    • Gadget State - Only Single Gift

    • Gadget State - Has Recurring Gift

    • Gadget State - Inactive Recurring Gift

    • Gadge State - Offer Recurring Upsell

    • Previewing The Donation Gadget

  • 5

    Hub Case Study

    • Case Study: Care International's Supporter Hub

  • 6

    Hub User Quiz

    • Supporter Hub Quiz

    • Supporter Hub Survey